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• Mint Date:
• Rarity:
• Secondary Sales:
• Where to mint:

29th June 2022
Solrarity, Moonrank and Matrica
Magiceden and Solsea

• Free Mint:
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM UTC
Price: FREE
• Whitelist Mint:
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM UTC    
Price: 1.0 $SOL
• Royal Mint:
6:00 PM - 6:30 PM UTC
Price: 0.9 $SOL
• Public Mint:
6:30 PM + UTC until we sellout
Price: 1.2 $SOL
Free airdrop
Challenges and prizes
DAO group
➝ Automated holder verification
➝ Exclusive partnerships with blue chip projects
➝ Raffles and giveaways
➝ Alpha information and voting system
A decentralized economy can only exist, if everyone chooses to partake in it. A decentralized business grows through rewarding users for positive and engaging behavior. This way, the business is ensured to be built around the consumer, their decisions and their needs, rather than being built around making a profit. If you as a consumer are not moved to act by your own free will, then no one can tell you to move or act in a certain way. No one is above you. Therefore, we use tokens as incentive tools, to create a user-centric model. Token incentives are used to manage behavior and reward positive actions. We can use tokens to give users back the value of their time and other resources.

We know that our users are the real community. Without the users, there is no project. Therefore we are dedicated to giving back to the community, and bringing a fantastic user experience to our supporters. With LDA, it's not about short-term gains, because we know that a solid long-lasting project is worth much more for everyone involved, than a short-term rugpull. Therefore the first question we always ask is: “How can we bring the most value to our community?” We know that a lack of good community growth, and incentive to participate in the project, can quickly lead to a project dying. In these early stages, it is therefore our top priority, to grow community, and incentivise participation. We do this through token incentivization, raffles, giveaways, and contests, and with rewards like discounts, NFTs, Solana, higher chances of winning, unique name colors, and much more.

To get the first members, we are collaborating with verified NFT projects, by cross promoting and giving away whitelists, as an incentive to populate the server. We keep people incentivised to participate in the project through trivia-, art-, meme- and other contests, as well as rolling out consistent updates and sneak peeks. To make sure the mint sells out, we will establish connections with large DAO groups and upcoming projects, to collaborate to bring even more members in, leading up to the mint being sold out.

Once the mint sells out, we want to ensure a strong incentive to trade in the secondary market, to raise the floor price as well as trading volume. To incentivise active trading in the secondary market, we will innovate the market, through a revolutionary new idea of trait-specific challenges. We will regularly specify specific trait-attributes. Each user must hold one or more NFTs with these traits, by the end of the deadline, in order to enter a raffle for huge prizes. This will incentivize not only active trading, but also promote growth on the trading platforms, and bring in even more people into the Dinoverse.

A large portion of the mint profits and secondary sale fees will be liquidated back to the holders through the prize money. This way, we can give back to the community, who have supported us through this whole launch. We love you all! We will continue to grow interest in the secondary market through giving away spots to our DAO group, and getting in touch with Blue Chip projects. Once we have a stable Dino economy going, we will begin phase 2 of the project, with a new and even larger collection. For every mint you have made in the first collection, you will receive a 50% discount token on the next generation of dinos.
We want to ensure that early adopters receive huge rewards and incentives to help grow the community. Without early adopters like you, there would be no project. It is because of your personal support and dedication, that this project is growing so rapidly. Therefore we want to ensure that you receive huge rewards and benefits for joining the community early, and incentivize everyone here to actively contribute to the growth of the project.

Therefore we are rolling out 3 unique roles:
• Whitelist (2400 spots)
• Early Dino (300 spots)
• Royal (300 spots)
• Respecful Dino (Infinite)

* By holding Whitelist Role, Early Dino, and Nitro Dino, you can get up to 3 Whitelist Tokens, allowing you to mint 3 NFTs at a discount price in the presale.
People with this role are actively helping the community grow, by making shoutouts for the project. A user can obtain this role by putting “LostDinoArk.xyz” in their Discord custom status. If a user removes the custom discord status, this role will be removed along with it. 

Respectful dinos will have: 
• 2x chance to win raffles and giveaways
In order to incentivize early adoption even further, and community participation, we are offering 2400 whitelist spots to people joining from other projects that we are collaborating with, as well as through giveaways. By holding the whitelist role, you will receive a whitelist token in your wallet.

This token ensures that you can:
• Mint one NFT at a discounted price of 1 SOL, up to 30 minutes before the Royal mint
(Once the Royal mint starts, the whitelist tokens will become useless if not already used)
A distinguished Silver Name Color and a Whitelist Badge.
The earliest adopters are some of the most important members. Without you, there would be no project. Therefore we want to ensure that people who join early, and help the community grow, will be given proper compensation, rewards and benefits. 

The first 300 people to invite 3 other active people to the discord will receive the Early Dino role. Once a user has invited 3 active members, they can go to the #bot-commands channel on discord, type /invites and then pinging @Dinorator. This will allow them to get an extra Whitelist token for the pre-sale.

This role will give you an extra Whitelist Token, giving you:
• An extra mint at the discount whitelist price, during the pre-sale period
• A 3x higher chance of winning giveaways and raffles
• A distinguished Purple Name Color, and Dino Badge for all time, for easy clout and recognition in the future
We want to ensure that people who actively help build the community, and engage with other members, are thoroughly rewarded. 

By helping newcomers, being active in chat, general dedication to the project, or being a helpful contributor, people will achieve one of the 300 Royal Dino spots. This exclusive role is for the top contributors of the project, and will be hand picked by the team. A user obtains this role through starting conversations in the discord, and creating overall hype. 

This role will give the user an exclusive Royal Token, instead of a Whitelist token, that grants them: 
• 3x higher chance to win Giveaways/Raffles
• Unlimited mints up to half an hour before the public mint, and even beyond the public mint
• A bigger discount than with Whitelist Token (0.9 $SOL)
• Access to exclusive discord channels (#dino-chat)
• A distinguished Gold Name Color, and Royal Badge for all time, for easy clout and recognition in the future.
For boosting the server, and thereby helping improve our image and the functionality of the server, users will be given the Nitro Dino role.

Having this role, will give you:
• An extra Whitelist Token, letting you mint an extra NFT during the presale, at a discount
• 3x chance to win raffles and giveaways
• Distinguished Nitro name color in the discord
A decentralized economy can only exist, if everyone wants to partake in it. If you as a consumer are not moved to act by your own free will, then no one can tell you to move or act in a certain way. Therefore, we employ incentives to trade in the secondary market, offering rewards for positive and engaging behaviors, and give back to the holders.
We will distribute a 50% Discount token for the second generation of Dinos, for every mint you make. This means if you mint two LDA Dinos, you will receive two 50% discount tokens for the next generation.

To incentivise further participation in the project, we will also distribute the same Token to every holder, at a random time after the mint.
Matrica is a new technology that allows us to automatically update your discord roles, based on what NFTs you are holding, this way you can get access to our Challenges and our DAO Group. Matrica makes holder verification as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Matrica verification process:
1) Connect your solana wallet (Phantom, SolFlare, Slope or Sollet Extension)
2) Link your discord handle
3) Within 5 minutes you will have your new role, and access to all the holder verified channels
In order to incentivize trading in the secondary market, we will begin issuing regular challenges. A set of traits will be announced, and holding an NFT with one or more of these traits, will give you the right to enter into raffles, with prizes greater than the value of those specific traits on the current market. This way, you are always rewarded for trading NFTs with each other, or you can hold onto specific NFTs, until one of their traits is announced, at which point the price is guaranteed to go up due to the prizes. The traits will be chosen to optimize trading volume, and raise the floor price organically.


Prize: 20 SOLANA

Collect these NFTs to enter the raffle:
1x Dino with a Green Body
1x Dino with a Yellow Body

Deadline: 15th May, 3:00 PM UTC

Further development will include cross-promoting collab-challenges with other solid and verified projects. This means even bigger prize pools, as multiple projects will be contributing to the prize pool at the same time. To enter these challenges require that you hold at least one NFT from each project involved. Holders will benefit from the massive prize pool along with investing in and holding solid projects. Meanwhile, both projects will also benefit, as people cross-pollinate between the projects, pushing the floor price and trading volume even further.
The DAO is a closed group that is created and designed to reward LDA NFT holders. We will give back to the consumers by getting them into Blue chip Projects or buying blue chip NFTs from the Projects and giving them away as a giveaway raffle. DAO group members can shill their own, or other potentially good projects, and have real discussions about them. There will be a voting system, to decide which project to go for and which not. This way, you can always stay on the leading edge of the NFT market, and get crowdsourced the best projects being made.
In order to become a member of the DAO, you must hold one NFT with one or more of the specified traits. These traits will be announced sometime after the mint. Matrica will automatically give you the DAO role, if your wallet contains one or more of these Dinos.
As a DAO member, you will be able to:

• Participate in collaboration raffles and giveaways
• Participate in verified upcoming projects
• Have a chance to get into Blue Chip projects
• Receive crypto services, where you will get inside tips on what is worth investing in, and what has potential
• Voting system and alpha information, to decide what projects we want to get into
We will contact leaders, who are already part of blue chip projects and we will get you into those. We will be giving away NFTs for the Blue chip Projects to the DAO Group.
Stay on the forefront of the NFT market, by crowdsourcing information from other DAO members, or sharing your own knowledge. DAO Group members can shill their own projects or other projects they find interesting, as well as give ideas of official collaborations. There will be a voting system for all DAO members, to vote on which projects look good
This Money will be used to give back to the holders, by reinvesting into Challenges and buying Blue Chip NFTs for the DAO Group.
This Money will go into developing the 2nd generation, with Tokenomics, Staking System and a burning mechanism.
TEAM - 20%
Paying out the Team members: Developer, Artist, Manager, and Moderators.
There is a 7% fee on all trading transactions, this money will be used to keep the project running and alive, and will be divided as such:
This money will be recycled to be reused in challenges, contests and more, so we have a running system.
We will reinvest into Giveaways and buy Blue Chip NFTs for the DAO Group.
TEAM - 20%
Paying out the Team members: Developer, Artist, Manager, and Moderators
Hope you have enjoyed reading our Whitepaper you are truly supporting us.
If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on Discord.